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How to Skip That Toll

Joe Biden’s Amtrak loyalties aside, East Coasters know three things about my home state, Delaware:

1. Beaches.

2. No sales tax.

3. It is a stretch of I-95 where you always get stuck in traffic and have to pay a toll.

There’s also some stuff about loosey goosey corporate law  (as a result, more than half of all publicly traded companies are incorporated here), chemical engineering and pharmaceuticals. I think the Twelve-Mile Circle is kind of neat, too, but I am boring you now. I am boring myself.

Most people from out of state have one thing to say to me about Delaware: “That’s where I have to pay a toll for driving ten minutes on your crappy road.” In my opinion the toll is justified. 250,000 cars pass through our state on a daily basis. Give or take the occasional motorcycle or frequent 18-wheeler, that’s a million tires chewing on our asphalt every day, rarely stopping to contribute to our local economy. Roads ain’t free. Still, I’m going to do you a kindness. You’re different. You’re a nice person. You give to charity and nurse injured sea turtles back to health. You read my blog. I’m going to tell you how to skip that toll. Continue reading