How to Skip That Toll

Joe Biden’s Amtrak loyalties aside, East Coasters know three things about my home state, Delaware:

1. Beaches.

2. No sales tax.

3. It is a stretch of I-95 where you always get stuck in traffic and have to pay a toll.

There’s also some stuff about loosey goosey corporate law  (as a result, more than half of all publicly traded companies are incorporated here), chemical engineering and pharmaceuticals. I think the Twelve-Mile Circle is kind of neat, too, but I am boring you now. I am boring myself.

Most people from out of state have one thing to say to me about Delaware: “That’s where I have to pay a toll for driving ten minutes on your crappy road.” In my opinion the toll is justified. 250,000 cars pass through our state on a daily basis. Give or take the occasional motorcycle or frequent 18-wheeler, that’s a million tires chewing on our asphalt every day, rarely stopping to contribute to our local economy. Roads ain’t free. Still, I’m going to do you a kindness. You’re different. You’re a nice person. You give to charity and nurse injured sea turtles back to health. You read my blog. I’m going to tell you how to skip that toll.


1. Take exit 1B onto S. College Ave toward Newark.

2. Continue on S. College. At the third traffic light, make a left. (The road you are turning onto here has at least four different names; I’m not sure what the sign says.)

3. Drive for 1.4 miles past the desolate wasteland that was once the Chrysler plant. At the light, take a left onto Elkton Rd.

4. After about a mile, you’ll cross into Maryland. At this point, you might want to stop by State Line Liquors to check out their mammoth selection of craft brews and Trappist beers (it’ll be on the left). Otherwise continue on for a bit and the exit back onto I-95 will be on your right.


1. Take Maryland exit 109 toward Newark.

2. At the end of the ramp, merge onto Elkton Rd heading east. You’ll be on this road for a little over 2 miles.

3. Turn right onto Christiana Parkway. To your left you’ll notice a gray, somewhat post-apocalyptic-looking expanse of concrete and old, disconnected power lines. That’s where they used to paint Dodge Durangos.

4. After 1.4 miles, you’ll reach a traffic light. Turn left right, then follow the signs for I-95 North.

Easy peasy.


5 thoughts on “How to Skip That Toll

  1. John Lasher says:

    Northbound, step 4, it’s a right turn to get back to I-95. A left turn will take you into the center of town where you can visit the picturesque University of Delaware campus; Rainbow Books & Music, a great little local record store where you can, among other things, buy my record (it’s in the new 7″s box, under “L”); the Newark Cinema Center, nice little independently owned theater, still running film in mono (wonderful, warm, analog mono), and probably closing soon. 😦

    Also in Newark is… Iron Hill Brewery Pub & Restaurant – great food, and beer brewed on site, and… uh… a Goodwill thrift store… yeah, that’s about it, but turn right at that light in step 4 to get back to 95 NB.

    • Ed Lasher says:

      Thanks, John. Fixed.

    • Ed Lasher says:

      Newark Cinema Center might close?! That’s no good. So many memories. So many $6 movie tickets.

      • John Lasher says:

        Update, just read an article in part addressing the rumors of NCC closing:

        – The owners of the shopping center have not received any word from the owners of the cinema regarding its closure, and have no plans to put anything else in its place.

        – The owners of the cinema have no plans to close it, or move to a new location.

        – The Newark Film Festival was only cancelled last year due to lack of funds on the part of the event organizer (insufficient corporate sponsorship).

        So it appears the rumors are unsubstantiated. And with new, lower-priced digital projectors coming out this year, they should be able to survive and thrive for years to come.

  2. Chillliams says:

    I neither cannot afford nor like trappist beers. It’s cray.

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