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Grand Theft Auto IV with an Elephant

No comment necessary.


How to Skip That Toll

Joe Biden’s Amtrak loyalties aside, East Coasters know three things about my home state, Delaware:

1. Beaches.

2. No sales tax.

3. It is a stretch of I-95 where you always get stuck in traffic and have to pay a toll.

There’s also some stuff about loosey goosey corporate law  (as a result, more than half of all publicly traded companies are incorporated here), chemical engineering and pharmaceuticals. I think the Twelve-Mile Circle is kind of neat, too, but I am boring you now. I am boring myself.

Most people from out of state have one thing to say to me about Delaware: “That’s where I have to pay a toll for driving ten minutes on your crappy road.” In my opinion the toll is justified. 250,000 cars pass through our state on a daily basis. Give or take the occasional motorcycle or frequent 18-wheeler, that’s a million tires chewing on our asphalt every day, rarely stopping to contribute to our local economy. Roads ain’t free. Still, I’m going to do you a kindness. You’re different. You’re a nice person. You give to charity and nurse injured sea turtles back to health. You read my blog. I’m going to tell you how to skip that toll. Continue reading

New post

Howdy, blogorspheres–

I have a new post I am trying to work out. It has to do with Aubrey Plaza and the fact that she ONCE PLAYED A CHICKEN in a local theater production of The Ugly Duckling in which my mother played the mother duck, and my brother played the eldest of the ducklings. You can understand why this would be something I would want to handle correctly. There are funny stories that I want to get right, and there is video–VHS format, nowhere else online–that I want to get onto YouTube as effectively as possible (I do not have any fancy equipment. My best bet at the moment is to use my sister’s Flip Video doo-dad to record it from the TV screen). I want to get this story right, so give me a day or two.

Your pal,